Cummerbund is a broad garment worn around the waist usually with single breasted tuxedos. The cummerbund can be in the form of a simple pleated sash, with either a buckle accessory or an elasticized back. A cummerbund adds an extra element of style to your tuxedo outfit. One can find cummerbunds in a variety of colors. But when you choose a color, you must take care to co-ordinate it with your tie.

Historically, cummerbunds were worn with pleats facing up. This helps the wearer hold tickets, bills and other small items as required. But nowadays, cummerbunds are used purely for aesthetic purposes. Gentlemen these days wear cummerbunds with pleats facing down as well. These can instantly enhance your poise and confidence when you are at a formal or semi-formal event. These are ideal for proms and weddings. For proms, one can do a little experiment with colors and patterns of the cummerbunds. One may choose from trendy designs and fabrics and try different combinations. But, when you are buying one for your wedding, you must try to match it with your bride’s gown and jewelry. Choose cummerbunds for your groomsmen, such that they match the color of the bridesmaid’s dress.

One can choose different fabrics for these cummerbunds. Silk and brocade are the two most popular choices of fabric for this unique accessory. One may choose silk in shades of black and gray cummerbunds for more traditional events. You can add a personal touch to style while being formal by wearing a brocade cummerbund. You must avoid fancy patterns and designs if you are attending a white tie event.

It is never wise to rent a tuxedo outfit. The cummerbunds of most rental tuxedo outfits are made of low quality fabrics which may not last long. Buy from us grand tuxedo cummerbunds so that you can stand out in pride in the elegant tuxedo outfit.

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